Alterations for the Evolution.

Maybe your reason why all the doors are closed, so you can open one that leads you to the perfect road.

After having rewritten the same paragraph about six times … I’ve come to realize, kicking old habits is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Just stop planning, live in the moment, and don’t give a damn about what people may think of you. In the end, do what makes you happy.

And yet, no matter how many times I give people the same advice, here I am, standing in their old, dusty pair of shoes. Constantly mapping out every minute of the next 48 hours, assuming every whisper which echos against the walls is about me and never feeling good enough to just be myself.

… Even those simple few lines, took almost 15 minutes to write … Here I am, trying to break away from my own destructive patterns and all I can think about is each upcoming sentence; how will I impress people with my use of vocabulary, how can I make this colorful enough to be attractive and how can I describe how I am feeling without seeming selfish.

Well, enough is enough – it is time for alterations, Mrs. Ring :)

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