Joke Turned Bad.

You think you know what it feels like to be hit in the face.

Just wait till we’re face to face again.

You think you’re such a hardcore typer – well I’m a hardcore fighter, skank.


She complains because the roommate is currently occupying the shower. And so she turns to Facebook and tells the world. A friend of hers jokes and calls the roommate a selfish prick. She doesn’t say a word to defend him.

Usually, this would mean nothing. But fact is. This female constantly complains. Treats everyone within the home as if we’re her slaves, there to serve her. And then talks down to us, as if we are intolerable children, despite the fact that she is 2-4 years younger then us.

To boot – SHE DOESN’T EVEN LIVE THERE. She is there all the time just because her boyfriend lives there, never pays rent, only gets in everyone’s way, then makes us serve her. Even when she IS NOT granted permission to be there, there she is, just wasting electricity and oxygen.

I may be overreacting … I know I am … but overreacting is what I do.

Fact is, this is no where near the first time. But it will most certainly be the last.

I’ve had enough with her self-absorbed attitude, her constant cries of attention, the need to use us as entertainment in between her 5 minute f*cks and being treated like some animal right after she calls me her best friend.

Get a hold of yourself, sweetheart. You’re the scum of the earth. You and your boyfriend, who is supposedly your “soulmate”, are ultimately just f*ck friends. And everyone hates you not because they’re jealous of you, because you’re an annoying piece of sh!t who has no respect for anyone. You say your mother treats you like a child, it’s because you act like one.

The words ;;  selfish, immature, rude and completely annoying doesn’t even begin to describe the surface of your so-called personality.

You wish everyone to hell and curse at innocent by-standers. You are never happy unless someone is kissing the ground you walk on and you interrupt everyone’s happiness as a past-time.

Well, b!tch – what goes around – comes around.

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