Pointless Text Messaging.

I have but only one word to say to you ;; why?

Why torture people whom you supposedly consider “friends” by constantly sending messages to their phone advising them that you are currently ;; just woking up, eating breakfast, in the shower, in the car, going to school, late for work, busy with a friend, eating lunch, LOOK, A BIRD!, on the phone, on the bus, walking downtown, singing a song, on Facebook, you’re tired … etc.

Although it is nice to know that you have a healthy diet, take care of your hygiene, have an active social life and don’t do much with your free time … I do NOT care.

I do not need to receive the following types of messages ;;
* Kristy’s phone rings : “Hi. I’m with _____.”
* Kristy : “Oki …”
* Sender : “Yeah, so I can’t talk to you right now.”
* Kristy : “Oki? …”
* Sender : “Yeah.”

* Kristy’s phone rings : “My boyfriend canceled on me, so now I’m mad.”
* Kristy : “Why did he have to cancel?”
* Sender : “His grandmother is in the hospital.”
* Kristy : “And that’s not a good enough reason to cancel a silly date you have daily?”
* Sender : “No. He canceled on me when he was supposed to pick me up.”
* Kristy : “I think you should rethink your reaction.”
* Sender : “Wtv.”

* Kristy’s phone rings : “My mom’s a b!tch.”
* Kristy : “Why?”
* Sender : “She wont buy me an Iphone4.”
* Kristy : “Why should she?”
* Sender : “Because I want one, duh.”
* Kristy : “You’re an adult, living on your own, with your own income …”
* Sender : “Exactly. So she should buy me things.”

Or another example.

* Kristy’s phone rings : “Gah, I’m tired.”
* Kristy : “Then go to bed?”
* Sender : “No.”
* Kristy : “Then what would you like me to tell you?”
* Sender : “Nothing.”

Messages like the above examples  … VERY AGGRAVATING. Just sayin’.


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