To New Beginnings.

Life can be quite interesting sometimes.


Day three of 2011, and already so much has changed. Despite the obvious new-years-resolutions, I’ve decided to no longer subject myself to people who are too immature to understand the true meaning of friendship, to take better care of myself and those around me and also, where I’ll end up in a year from now.

Originally, the plan was to move out with Kevin this upcoming July. I had been so beyond terrified to speak to my parents about it, knowing for sure that they would be against it. Instead, my mother came up to me and suggested moving even further away to Ottawa to return to my coach who had moved away years back.

Therefore, in short. Now instead of moving out 20minutes away this summer, I’m going to stay with my parents an extra year, save as much extra cash as I can, then move to Ottawa the summer of 2012. Seems like forever away. But it’ll be good for us. Better career move, better life choices, and no ruthless, judgmental and selfish people around us.

Needless to say, I’m terrified of this decision, it is huge in so many different ways. Yet … all this fear, is what is motivating me to get it done faster. If I could, I’d pack up tonight.


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