Young pregnancies.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Sesame Street.

But I’m not ready to go back to watching it daily anytime soon.

For starters, please note that I am profoundly ecstatic for those I know whom are pregnant and are about to or already have given birth. This is simply my opinion on the general situation and should not be applied as offensive.

As I now gaze back on my graduating class, I cannot help but notice the obvious stereotypical “cliques”. The popular kids, the jocks, the geeks, the loners, the stoners and the misfits. A crowd of people so similar and yet always wished to have nothing to do with one another for those exhausting five years, as if each “clique” carried some type of fatal disease.

I suppose after recently watching MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”, I began to open my eyes to realize that most of the girls we once considered as “popular” or as the “party girls” are now carrying a young child. Without a doubt, there are the few who we’d never expect to get pregnant, the few who got pregnant purposely, the “happy accidents”, the ones who lost the baby before either of them had a chance to grow and the ones who never deserved a child and are now trapped by the consequences of their actions.

And so, with this in mind, I took a step back and evaluated the path I now walk along. As most woman do, I, of course, one day want a child – but am no where near prepared to get pregnant any time within the next few years. Obviously, I realize everyone thinks differently and have their own personal views on the situation, but I couldn’t help but feel panic and empathy on their behalf. Their lives will never be the same from this point on, and it saddens me to think, most of these women never wanted a baby but had no choice but to continue with the pregnancy, which will lead them to one day resenting the child. What kind of life is that, for either of you?

In the end, it just simply astonishes me to realize how rapidly the rate of young pregnancies is increasing. This isn’t like getting a puppy – you are still children yourselves, how can you strongly believe that at 14 years old, you’re mature enough to handle caring for a young life when you cannot even get a job or know what a relationship is? The girls I grew up with are now pregnant and no where near ready themselves, how on earth is it that these barely adolescents feel they have the “right” to be pregnant? Absolutely beyond ridiculous. None of you are ready, grow up yourselves first before attempting to raise a baby.


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