The Ruler Rule.

Yesterday during a BBM (Blackberry Messenger) chat, a friend of mine decided to randomly include a picture of a man’s penis. Being in a meaningful, loving relationship, my initial reaction was a grand mixture of disgust, surprise, confusion and the typical “WTF?!” moment. As I shook my head with total disbelief to what I had just seen, she then went on to explain;

Friend: “Lol some guy I’m chatting with sent me a pic”

Myself: “Lmao. Ew. I don’t need to see it.”

Friend: “Well its biger than the one I got now lol”

And with that in mind, it now brings me to my ultimate question: Does size really matter? Below you shall find two extremely different point of views on the topic through a brief Google search (sources also included). It comes as no surprise that there are woman who strongly believe that the size of a man’s “junk” can determine his skill level during intimate moments in bed, or can even predict how successful he shall be later in life, though I am surprised at the amount of woman who believe so.

There are a countless number of people within the world that argue against stereotypes, racism, sexists, etc. Woman become furious when men publicly announce that we belong in the kitchen or cannot succeed at things like engineering, carpentry or mining, for example, because it is a “man’s job”, and due to the fact that we have a vagina between our legs, that automatically makes it impossible for us to complete the task at hand. With this in mind, I can, to a certain degree, understand why some woman would then retaliate against these claims and determine a male’s “manhood” by the size of his equipment. But ultimately, this is just perpetuating the situation and increasing the level of hostility between genders. If a male rapes a young woman, society demands revenge and death upon him, but if a female were to rape a man, does that make it any less of a hateful crime? We cannot properly bring justice to the world based on gender, therefore how can we categorize a person’s life based on the way their body grew, either way seems rather unfair and biased [to me].

Therefore I am curious, what are your arguments as to why the size of a man’s penis is either unimportant/important. As a prediction, I suspect some will argue that it is not what is actually “provided” that is a determining factor, but rather how the male is capable of using it. Meanwhile, the other side may state that if it’s of good size, it wouldn’t matter how used because the length will take care of the rest. Perhaps it’s simply a turn on/turn off situation. What are your reasons?

Kindly note that all arguments amongst readers will be deleted. This is simply a “state your opinion” opportunity, not a time to lash out at others because they do not agree with your POV.


Women simply don’t care about size. There will be the odd ones who say it is very important, but they are usually the ones who love aggressive sex.


Yes, the penis size does matter. The bigger it is, the more fulfilling the sex is. In fact any woman who doesn’t like a bigger than normal penis size, would be considered a rarity in todays world.


2 thoughts on “The Ruler Rule.

  1. Well what if u have a bf, fiancé or a husband that is complaining himself that his penis is not long enough? And I say bigger size is a bonus not abnormally big just big enough for the woman at hand. It has nothing to do with rapists or anything like that.

    A bigger penis is more pleasure!
    Some say “size don’t matter if men know how to use it” but clearly there are men out there who has NO idea how to.

    A longer penis means deeper penetration witch means more pleasure for the woman and more pleasure for the man knowing he is giving his partner ultimate pleasure, what’s wrong with that?

    Men with small penises are self conscious and fail in bed becoz of their insecurity.
    And often talk or think about penis enlargement.

    Let me tell you the only pleasure I get from mine is oral cos penis wise I just don’t feel it inside me. Its too short so other positions are out of the question.

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