The job you want, but cannot land.

Dear Catch 22, I hate you.

Some people are fortunate enough to continue school until they determine how they’d like to succeed in life. Others were capable of scheduling out their entire life from an early age. Then there are the misfits who have either lost their way, or see the destination, but have an incomplete bridge in front of them.

I, unfortunately, am currently experiencing the last two options all at once. Even as a young child, my heart knew I was destined to be revolved around music, and although I am currently a professional singer, my career isn’t yet stable. Other then singing, I had absolutely no direction in life, and it is now taking a great toll.

With this in mind, I’ve now decided to shift to a new type of career – Transcriptionist. Requirements most often range from being capable of typing at a speed of 50wpm or more with impeccable typing skills, have a trained ear for accents, excellent vocabulary and the discipline to be able to be a freelance writer without being distracted.

Having the ability to type 110wpm on an unfamiliar keyboard, studied English Literature, certainly have an ear for voices and have no difficulties with working from home, I’d be the perfect candidate.

Though it seems you need years of experience, which I do have but not professionally. Most Transcriptionists work through the medical field, which requires you to study all the medical terms in order to properly aid doctors. This course can cost anywhere from 1, 000$ to 8, 000$ online, and is certainly something I cannot currently afford.

With that in mind, other then not having any professional Transcriptionist experience and no medical training though can easily do the job, how am I to convince companies to hire me? Transcription can range from voice mail recordings, police interviews, television captions, radio conversations, lectures, etc. and therefore does not need the medical training. But due to the fact they do not need the training, you need years of experience. How can you get experience if you wont be able to be hired?


2 thoughts on “The job you want, but cannot land.

  1. I’ve been at a similar point in my life and have always found that volunteering or shooting for an internship first can usually help you get past that barrier. Good luck though, Kristin! Hopefully you’ll find someway soon to get an in! :-)

  2. Thank you, it is profoundly appreciated. I shall look into internships for Transcriptionists, though I don’t believe there are any, with any luck, I’m wrong :)

    Also, thank you for reading my blog!

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