The Royal Wedding – were you “there”?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, “The Royal Channel – the official YouTube Channel for the British Monarchy run by Clarence House – ensured that 72 million people worldwide watched the royal wedding live online, more online views than Barak Obama’s inauguration.”

In simplest terms, that is INSANE. And if I understand correctly, that doesn’t even include the percentage of people who watched it on television (graph below).

I understand that wedding’s are a very sentimental and quite the heart melting event, but that’s exactly the point. Shouldn’t weddings, therefore, remain as a private moment, surrounded by loving family and not hundreds of camera’s? Yes, the Prince has a major influence upon all of the public, but I have never met either parties nor have any type of connection or bond to them. Hence why would I care if two complete strangers got married? Again, I realize that he is Princess Diana’s son, and she alone was an inspiration that could change the world, but that is her title, not his.

Therefore, what were your reasons for watching?



2 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding – were you “there”?

  1. I actually did watch a bit (located here in America). However not by choice. I was in the emergency room, a very fancy one with TV’s all be it, but me and my mom couldn’t find the remote to change channels.

    I agree with your sentiment that it should of been more private. However, I never really followed the royal family (unless it was the queen being made fun of on TV) so I think that is why I was so disinterested in the events.

    • Dearest Jayme,

      My most sincere apologies for not earlier responding to your message.

      Firstly, I’d like to thank you for reading my blog and commenting, I profoundly appreciate it.

      I do hope that while you were in the emergency room, that all was or is now fine and that everyone is healthy and safe.

      There certainly needs to be more people who think the same as you and I, though it is quite a shame that there aren’t more of us. People will constantly rant and rave about these complete strangers simply because they’re “celebrities”, I certainly do not understand the point of it all. I am happy that they have found love and wish to express it to the world, but no need to do it in a literal sense hehe.

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