Church Bells && Angels.

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its’ wings!

If that is the case, then this girl is about to reincarnate a lot of dead people’s happiness.

I realize that times will forever change and the better parts of the past will not repeat itself (unless, of course, it suddenly becomes some type of “old school trend”), but when did tradition and common sense get thrown out the window as well? Obviously, if it makes a person truly happy, nothing anyone says will change their decision, nor would I want them to. But out of the perhaps 9 months that I have known this girl, she has been engaged 3 times.

For the first 6 months, approximately, of our friendship, she remained engaged to the same man. He was controlling, manipulative and abusive, therefore I helped her gain the courage to walk away and restore respect for herself. Shortly after, she began dating a new man that stumbled into her life, and seemed to be glowing. I was sincerely happy for her, especially when they got engaged about 3 weeks after they met. In my opinion, the novelty was taking a hold of her better judgement, but as long as she was at peace with herself, why should it matter to me? Though unfortunately, the novelty wore off as quickly as it rubbed on, and so they broke apart, to get back together and then part again. Having then be single for about a week, she has now “moved on” and is dating someone new. It has been perhaps (at most) two weeks since she met/began dating this 3rd “love of her life”, and they are already engaged.

There’s this little voice in the back of my mind that is just screaming “Gold digger!”.

From the bottom of my heart, I do honestly want to be happy for her. I wish I could be the type of person to tell you what it is you’d like to hear rather then the, sometimes harsh but necessary, truth. But at the end of the day, I just don’t understand how someone could jump from person to person and promise to love each of them eternally after having just met. Some relationships progress at a pace faster then one can blink – meet, fall in love and propose. And there are those special few that make it to the aisle, and continue to walk down the road of Life together for years to come. Though I have a funny feeling that this, is not one of those cases. I completely understand the glorious feeling of falling in love and how it can drive you to do things you never thought possible. But to indulge in that feeling with each person, within such a short period of time … The meaning just no longer comes across as real to me anymore. An engagement is a promise just as sincere and special as the marriage itself. How can someone swear to spend their life with a person when they just met and two weeks before that, she swore the same thing to another man?

And so, as I take a deep breathe and recite my own words back to myself (“She’s happy, what should it matter to me?”), I turn to my man and tell him just how much I love him, and only him, for the rest of my life.


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