Bobby, Bobbi Kristina & Whitney.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown at the Oscars in 2001.

Bobby Brown has once again turned to the media to defend his name, telling Matt Lauer from the “Today Show” that he is not to blame for Whitney Houston’s drug habit, which ultimately contributed to her passing in early 2012. In fact, according to Mr. Brown, drugs

“[were] a part of her life BEFORE we got together”

“I didn’t get high [on narcotics] before I met Whitney … I smoked weed and drank beer … but no, I wasn’t the one that got Whitney on drugs … I’m not the reason she’s gone.”

Despite his claims, Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, insists that Brown was a negative influence and has the background to prove it (including his recent DUI charge in March 2012). She worries his “cancerous” behavior will soon spread to granddaughter Bobbi Kristina and will “infect” her already vulnerable state.

The 19-year-old has recently been thrown around the rumor mill with claims that her “step-brother”* is now her new beau, to raunchy photographs of her snorting what seems to be cocaine and videos gone viral of her smoking weed. Of course, her infamous disappearing act for hours after her mother’s funeral was just another field day for gossip columnists. Although she is clearly struggling, sources close to the daughter say that she realizes her mother has passed, and she has no choice but to live on. Brown says that people just want to tear down and control those like Bobbi Kristina with strong wills. The young woman has such a strong will, in fact, that Bobbi Kristina has decided to pursue her original plans from 2000 (when Whitney & Bobby filed for divorce, but Whitney convinced her otherwise) and change her last name to Houston, stating that she wants nothing to do with her father.

*Bobbi Kristina’s “step-brother” was taken in by Whitney and her family and was considered to be like a son, though never officially adopted.


After 7 years of being “narcotics” free, Bobby Brown says he was “hurt” to learn that Whitney had still been, unfortunately, struggling with her addictions and worries that his daughter now has to face the same road they were on.

In the end, regardless of how anyone feels,

“I can honestly say I love that woman [Whitney] with everything I am … I believe she loved me the same way.” – Bobby Brown.

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