Gun shot in Levis, Que. kills toddler.

How scary is it to think that while you ate dinner with your family last night…
a toddler lost his life.

There is sad news circulating through the streets of Levis, Quebec (near Quebec City) this gloomy Friday morning. A two year old boy was found dead in his home yesterday, May 3rd, at 6:30pm, according to Sgt. Genevieve Bruneau’s reports.

When police arrived, the boy’s mother and a friend of hers were awaiting them at her home, then brought to the hospital to be treated for shock. Afterwards, the male friend of the mother was arrested under suspicion.

The mother of the boy had taken to her Facebook account in recent days, stating that she feared for the safety of her son and herself, though it is unclear whether it is now related to the boys’ death. Sgt. Richard Gagne has reported that a team of officers are investigating whether the firearm that killed the young boy was properly stored within the home. If their search proves that it wasn’t, criminal charges could be made.

May he rest in peace.


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