Michael Jackson, Once Again, Working For Pepsi.

In 1983 and in 1984, Michael Jackson and Pepsi joined together to inspire the world and now in 2012, they shall be reunited.

Pepsi has recently announced that they were given permission to use the Pop Legends imagine for their newest global marketing push. Such promotions shall vary within each country, but all will include a television ad, special-edition Pepsi cans featuring the face of Michael Jackon and chances to download remixes of Jackson’s biggest hits, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Brad Jakeman, Pepsi’s chief creative officer, has said that the new campaign should take an estimated 10 months to develop. They hope to reinstate the company’s strong connection with pop culture, and feel that Jackson’s all-time icon status shall help them achieve such goal.

Though some fans may be thrilled to see the face of Michael Jackson back on their screens, other viewers have been said to think of it as a total outrage. Reason being, in 1984, Jackson’s hair accidentally caught on fire while filming a commercial for the Internationally known brand name. It is this event some believe led to his addition to prescription drugs which affected the rest of his days.



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