Amanda Bynes Trouble.

If you weren’t previously aware, Amanda Bynes had been arrested under DUI charges exactly a month ago. After her many hours of partying, Bynes attempted to pass a police car at 3am in West Hollywood, but ended up side-swiping the vehicle instead. Police officers decided to follow the 26-year-old actress after the incident, and determined that she was unfit to be driving, where they then hauled her into the station.

A man recently claimed that he had been side-swiped by a Range Rover attempting to pass him in L.A., and when the vehicle did not stop, he took it upon himself to call the police. Once the call had been made, the “victim” began to pursue the vehicle himself and found that the driver was Amanda Bynes.

The actress, who was said to be very cooperative, was not given a citation for the incident as Bynes insists she had no idea another vehicle had been struck, which is plausible since the damage to her car was quite minimal.

Aside from normal procedures, Amanda Bynes will not be held under any further investigation.

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