Jenelle Evans Returns Home.

20-year-old Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, set aside her anger issues and “motherly duties” on the 2nd of May to make time for her surgical procedure. As she awaited her doctor, she took to Twitter to express her thoughts and to capture the moment for her followers (below).


“Ready to go and get new boobies!!!!”

Yes. She went there.

Although her exact salary is unclear, reports have rumored that she does not make as much as the other Teen Mom stars, who receive an estimated $160, 000. Nonetheless, Evans has decided to take the money she’s earned and use it to get breast implants to make her a full sized C-Cup.

“Got tired of having small breasts”.

While her mother cares for her son, Jace, Evans has returned home to recover with on and off beau, Kieffer Delp, by her side. She, once again, took to Twitter to publicly thank him for his support.

“Thank you so much for being there for me today and every day. You are always there when I need the most!”

5 thoughts on “Jenelle Evans Returns Home.

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  2. Thank you so much for the kind words!
    I have had this blog up and going for personal posts since about last year, but I have only made this blog a daily thing since the 3rd of May (so about 5 days now, not including the weekend). I’m glad I’m on the right track! Thanks again. Keep in touch!

  3. I have to apologize. Due to your comment, I looked back and found that my first post was actually made the 22nd of December, 2010. Just a tad longer then a year :]

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