13-year-old Commits Suicide, Result Of Bullying.

Rachel Ehmke, a 7th grader in Minnesota, was found hanging in her mother’s home on the 29th of April, after suffering from repeated abuse from classmates for months.

3 days prior to the girls’ death, a “pretty explicit”, as described by a parent, text message was sent to the student body, encouraging others to torment her in hopes that she would quit school. The message which entered the Inbox of many of her classmates called her a slut, a name which had been gratified on her gym locker.

Rachel had informed her parents, Rick and Mary Ehmke, of the bullying she was forced to deal with and pleaded with them not to make any reports, in fear of worsening the situation.

Although the struggling teen did not leave a suicide note, parents later found a note near by that read, “I’m fine = I wish I could tell you how I really feel.”

The day of her death, she had told her older brother, Jonathan, that she had homework to do, and so he dropped her off at their mother’s home in L.A. He later called father, Rick Ehmke, asking him to pick her up. Rick arrived 25 minutes after Jonathan had left Rachel, where he saw her, attached to a beam, through the window. With a baseball bat, he broke into the home, freeing his daughter and called 911. When they arrived on the scene, she was still alive but had sustained damage to her brain, heart and lungs. She later passed away in the hospital.

Rick, Rachel’s father, however, does not plan on pursuing legal ramifications against those who chose to constantly harass Rachel.

“They’re kid who made horrible decisions. If [they] would’ve known this would happen I’m pretty sure they never, ever would have done what they did.”

“Sadly enough, even those kids that know who they are will carry this baggage their whole life. That’s a sad thing too, it really is.”

He later added to Fox News, “I’ll never understand, but I need to figure out how to go through life without my daughter.”

The following information is according to reports made by KARE.

The text message which was sent on the 26th of April was reported to the principal by four students the following morning. Rachel was asked about the message, and she confirmed that she had also received it but had deleted it prior to speaking to Officer Peck, the official on the case. He later discovered that the telephone number Rachel had received the message from did not match the number through other students phones.

On the 30th of April, it was determined that the text message in question originated from an IPod application from Pinger, Inc., which allows text messages to be sent to cell phones via internet Wi-Fi connections. An administrative subpoena was issued days later, and reports showed the IP Address belonged to KM-Telecom in Kasson. This information later lead to investigations proving that the IP Address which the message originated from was located at Rachel’s father’s residence in Mantorville.

Investigations are currently still open, pending autopsy results, but the location of the messages’ sender has been confirmed. It is being speculated by officials that Rachel may have even sent the message herself. A letter within her locker showed evidence that she had spoken to friends about transferring due to the problems she had been encountering.

In conclusion, it is lead to believe that harassment and bullying are most likely the main factors resulting in Rachel’s death.


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