Michael Jackson’s Bodyguards’ Confessions – Shoot Randy.

The former bodyguard to late Michael Jackson has decided to step forward and give the media details about the inner Jackson circle.

Michael Jackson and brother, Randy Jackson, above.

Matt Fiddes, bodyguard, told The Sun (UK) that the late King of Pop had been caught in a crossfire between siblings for years, who all desperately wanted Michael to sign a $500 million contract for a Jackson 5 reunion tour. This eventually lead to an eccentric fear of his siblings.

“Things reached a head when Randy was trying to force his way past the bodyguards to speak to him in one of his rented homes. Michael ordered him to be shot.”

Fiddes adds, “[Michael] was out of mind on drugs and luckily Randy was OK.”

Of course, the trigger was never pulled against Randy Jackson (not to be confused with the American Idol judge), but Randy did, however, threaten to call the press against younger brother Michael. Randy proceeded to tell the bodyguards,

“If you shoot me the whole world will know about it.”

Fiddes also claims that Michael despised Madonna and poked holes in a Voodoo doll of Steven Spielberg after MJ became a Nazi sympathizer.

None of this accusations of the star have been corroborated.


The late King of Pop and his former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes.

This should all perhaps be taken with a dash of salt, seeing as Fiddes also claimed, approximately a week and a half ago, that he is the biological father to Prince Michael ||, AKA Blanket.

Fiddes states that he is prepared to take legal action and give authorities a DNA sample in order to prove his fatherhood, which in turn also hopes this will allow them to grant him visitation rights. According to Contact Music, Fiddes wants to spend time with Blanket and introduce him to his mother, who is battling cancer.

“I want her to see Blanket more than anything. All I want is access.”

“Michael is their father and I do not want that to change, but I want the children back in my life… The only way that’s going to happen is through legal action. I think Blanket is mine but I want final proof.”

Although Michael Jackson’s name appears on the birth certificate, Jackson has said that he fathered the child with a surrogate. Fiddes now rebuttals, insisting that Jackson wished for an “athletic child” and asked Fiddes to donate sperm.

“I asked [Fiddes to Jackson], ‘Is Blanket my child?’ and he said, ‘He’s my child, Matt, but I used your sperm to produce him.”



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