Queen Latifah Headlining The Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival.

North Carolina has become the 29th state to ban gay marriage, with the support of 58% of their voters. According to poll results, N.C. residents believe that a marriage is exclusively between a male and a female, and all other marriages have no right being legalized.

But that hasn’t stopped Queen Latifah, 42, from finally coming out of the closet.

Speculations about the Diva’s sexual preference have been churning through the Rumor Mill for years with reports made about her past relationship with personal trainer, Jeanette Jenkins [lasted 8 years], to her affair with choreographer, Eboni Nichols, 34.  But the star has finally decided to make her debut as a glorious, lesbian woman. The news came about from Pat Crosby, who just announced the Queen to be the headliner for this year’s Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival, set to take place on the 19th of May.

“From hip to R&B, pop to standards, Queen Latifah is the voice of our generation, and her concert here will be phenomenal. For her to make her worldwide Pride debut here in Long Beach is tremendous testament to the popularity of our celebration and to the strength of our community.” says Pat Crosby, co-president of the event.


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