Update – Patricia Krentcil: Child Endangerment Charges.

If you haven’t done so already, please read my previous article about Patricia Krentcil, to get you up to speed on the current situation.

Patricia Krentcil: Child Endangerment Charges.

Planet Sun Tanning Salon, which runs eight locations surrounding the “Tanning-Mom”s home in Nutley, New Jersey, Body Works Salon, Bodies in Heat and Sunset Tans have all submitted an “Access Denied” card for one Patricia Krentcil. Sources say that photographs of the woman have been placed behind all employee counters to help workers recognize her and escort her out of the premises.

The New Jersey Department of Health is also getting involved in the case, aiding local officials investigate the last tanning salon Patricia used, City Tropics Tanning. No confirmation has yet been made as to whether the establishment may also face charges for Krentcil’s alleged actions.

2 thoughts on “Update – Patricia Krentcil: Child Endangerment Charges.

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