Kody Brown And Wives.

Kody Brown is father to 17 children, with 4 different woman, who are all his wives and are sisters.



  1. Meri.
  2. Janelle.
  3. Christine.
  4. Robyn.


Brown and his polygamist family spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper this week, and were asked whether they were interested in adding a fifth wife to the family.

“Certainly not right now,” said Kody.

“That doesn’t sound like a ‘no’ to me,” interjected Cooper.

“You guys have to understand that I answer to essentially a higher call. I’m part of an order, a church”, explains Kody, “So there is a situation where I feel I am maxed out and don’t want to take another wife. I am not interested in that, but there is a requirement.”

Aside from a potential new wife in the future, the family is seemingly doing extremely well, stating that living in Las Vegas is much easier then their old Utah home. Their children, however, do get teased at schools by pupils still, though father Kody reminds the audience that at age 13, it’s “very regular”.

They also encourage their children to live a life as they choose, saying that a life as a polygamist is completely up to their discretion.

“Yeah, but they change their minds. Some kids have already [said] they will, some are saying they won’t.”

“That frontal lobe, that’s the part of the brain that lets you reason with reason, let’s get that developed and then let them make those decisions.”

Each of these 17 children are also blessed with four mothers, as each spouse claims that they feel they are all their own child.

Christine, wife number 3, said, “When he (the youngest, Solomon) cries, we all turn and try to make him happy except when it’s time to eat.”


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