The Avengers Break More Then Faces.

The Avengers are not only a part of the Marvel history, but now they have also become a large part of the film industry’s story as well. Since it’s release, the film has surpassed the $1 billion barrier internationally and is ranked the top movie in the United States box office.

They also made Hollywood history by making $102.3 million during the second weekend, which pushed aside previous record holder – Avatar.

Below you shall find a list of the competitors “Hulk-smash”ed to get to the top over the weekend:

  1. The Avengers – $103.2 million.
  2. Dark Shadows – $28.2 million.
  3. Think Like A Man – $6.3 million.
  4. The Hunger Games – $4.4 million.
  5. The Lucky One: $4.0 million.

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