Howard Wolowitz, Simon Helberg, New Father.


On the hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, character Howard Wolowitz has just been married and was sent into space with NASA. But that isn’t the only “big news” that has developed in recent days. Actor Simon Helberg and wife, Jocelyn Towne, welcomed their first baby last week and, a girl named Adeline.

Sources close to the “nerd star” say that he is extremely excited to now be a new father, saying that he’s been doing all the necessary reading.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and we welcome you with open arms, Adeline.


4 thoughts on “Howard Wolowitz, Simon Helberg, New Father.

  1. After just watching the last episode of series 5 I am left feeling Simon’s Character, Howard Wolowitz could be at the start of series 6 killed off. Lets be honest. Russian Rockets? I didn’t expect it to go as far as it did let alone return.

    Simon if you read this, Congrats on your new baby but PLEASE don’t leave the show as you are all as important as each other in the show’s success.

    I love the humour, the writing and just about everything associated with it. I see no reason why it can’t go on to be the most successful comedy series of all time. The only thing it needs are for the characters to stay in the show.

    Jay (In the UK)

    • What’s wrong with Russian rockets? When is UK sending people to the moon? Anyway I think so too, I actually hope they slaughter one of the characters this season. Even if it has to be Howard who is one of the best characters there I think. I would rather they slaughtered one of the newer characters, but anyone will do, or else the show will get stale. Plus, it would add a little seriousness.

      • Hello Zoomer!

        “TBBT” is known for it’s comedic style and for uplifting spirits, do you think adding a bit of a serious dramatic spin on it would benefit the show, taking away it’s “stale” potential? How so?

        Thanks for stopping by! I hope to hear from you again soon :)

  2. Dear Jay – from the UK (lol),

    Thank you for stopping by and reading my article! I hope you keep in touch :]

    I also couldn’t agree with you more. I feel that they may try to convince viewers that something tragic happened to the character of Wolowitz, and have him reappear as some type of survivor (more or less a “Cast Away” spin/feel). Considering Mr. Helberg did just have a baby, it may be possible that they sent his character off in order to give him some “family-time” in reality, but I would doubt they’d kill off the character completely. There is too much at jeopardy by doing so – but for now, all we can only keep our fingers crossed. :]

    All my best and thanks again!

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