Okorie Okorocha VS Gloria Allred.

In case you missed the latest update on the John Travolta sexual harassment lawsuit, John Doe has decided to hire Gloria Allred to be his attorney against the Hairspray Diva after he had been dropped by initial attorney, Okorie Okorocha, due to lack of evidence.

Unfortunately for Okorie Okorocha, John Doe #2 has decided to turn the tables and has fired him. JD2 has since hired Gloria Allred to represent him in court as well.

According to reports made by Okorocha, Allred had been “illegally” soliciting both John Doe’s while he was working on their cases. Okorocha forewarned his former clients that Allred’s actions were “unethical and against the law”, but his efforts were fruitless.

As of this moment, there is no word as to whether he himself will pursue legal action against Allred, but he did, however, say,

“I know that the case is going to go away quietly because Miss Allread has successfully made cases go away quietly.”

“I’m confident [both accusers] will get justice, it’ll just be an under the table payment.”


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