Donna Summer – 9/11 Attack To Blame For Her Lung Cancer.

Donna Summer was a smoker and frequently visited clubs surrounded by fellow smokers. Due to this, when diagnosed with lung cancer, those close to her felt that that could have possibly been the cause. The Queen of Disco, however, had a different theory.

During the tragic events of 9/11, Summer lived in an apartment in New York City near Ground Zero. Along with a countless number of civilians, Summer was one of the ones that inhaled the toxic air engulfing the city. A source once close to the star says that Donna, who was a strong believer of the Christian faith, believed the 9/11 attack was against Christianity, making herself and other Christian’s the targets. After her diagnosis, the talented singer insisted her illness was now a byproduct of such attack.

She then became paranoid, and sources claim her fears intensified over time, leading her to constantly spray disinfectant into the air and hang silk sheets in her dressing room to prevent dusk from entering.

On a happier note, family members have scheduled a public memorial in tribute of Donna next Wednesday in Nashville.

Sources have indicated that after moving with her family to Nashville in 1994, the music-infested city held a special place in Donna’s heart. They felt it was only right to honor her memory in the one place she called home.


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