Finger Found In Arby’s Sandwich.

This puts a whole new spin to “finger food”.

A 14-year-old boy in Michigan has been absolutely traumatized, unable to eat and or sleep, and has been prescribed medication since his last visit to the fast-food chain restaurant, Arby’s.

The young teen, Ryan Hart, went to Arby’s to order a roast beef sandwich (not that it actually matters), until he discovered a human finger in it.

“I was like, ‘that’s got to be a finger,'”

“It was just nasty.”

Arby’s V.P. of communications, John Gray, has sent his most sincere apologies for the “isolated” incident and sought to reassure customers that all is well within the establishment.

Apparently an employee was rushed to the emergency room after cutting her finger off completely with a meat slicer while preparing the meal, but failed to inform any of her co-workers and or employers. And so, fellow employees continued to complete the order and sent it out on her behalf.

“A human being loses a finger and you just keep on sending food out the window,” said the teen’s mom, Jamie Vail. “I can’t believe that.”

Free or not – I ain’t touching it.


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