Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden

Sometime this month, Doug Hutchison (most known for his parts in “Lost” and “The Green Mile“) will be celebrating his first year anniversary with wife, Courtney Stodden, but not everyone will be joining them for the night of festivities.

Hutchison, aged 51 last year, married Courtney, a 16-year-old aspiring singer (at the time) and although Stodden’s “up and coming” career has been taken into the hands of her new hubby, his career, on the other hand, has committed “social suicide” due to the scandal of the situation within the public eye. He had been forewarned that this union would cause a ruckus, but Hutchison decided that the love he shared with the Barbie-like teen was worth it. And so, his agent and manager dropped him “like a hot potato”,  along with his family. This lost connection between his family, he later explained, left a nearly crippling impact on his professional and personal life.

Fortunately enough for the couple, Krista and Alex Stodden both fully support their teenagers marriage. Mother, Krista, even gave a written consent in order for her daughter to bypass the 18 and older law for marriage so she would be capable of marrying her actor Prince in Vegas.

“We are totally supportive of this marriage. Doug is a wonderful man, and we love him.”

Alex, Courtney’s father, is only four years younger than his son-in-law, and is absolutely enthralled with his daughters’ choice of husband.

“Every father can only pray to have such a man behind their daughter.”

In an odd turn of events, Krista even also reported to the press that her daughter is “real”, with natural breasts and lips, and was a virgin prior to marrying Hutchison.

The story between the two “Forbidden Love”rs (which is the title of the new book the couple is writing together) grabbed the world and shook it furiously, though this has given Courtney’s career in the music industry more exposure, resembling the infamous viral videos by Rebecca Black. Spectators cannot help but wonder if her parents approval and enthusiasm for the relationship has anything to due with their “stage parents” dream, and hope that this marriage will help advance her career to heights they could never help her reach. Some even went on to insinuate that her parents have perhaps forced her into the marriage, where she will be completely taken care of and live the Hollywood-Glam life style. But the couple deny all claims and accusations, telling the world that they are simply madly in love with one another. Despite the countless amount of insults, name-calling and even death threats they have received over the past year, Hutchison’s response to names such as pedophile was that he found it odd, considering the fact that “anyone who’s ever seen my wife can attest to the fact that she’s waaaaay past puberty.”

The couple admit that their decisions and type of relationship is not for everyone.

“Courtney and I are not sanctioning, condoning, nor encouraging adult/teen relationships/marriages across the board.”

But he did go on to note that if it could work for Celion Dion and Rene Angelil (who met when Dion was 12, he was 38, and became engaged 7 years later), there is no reason it couldn’t work for them. He also mentioned other infamous adult/teen relationships such as, Elvis and Priscilla (who was 14) and Jerry Lee Lewis with his 13-year-old cousin.

Earlier this year in March, Doug Hutchison released a nearly 2, 000 word manifesto on why his marriage with the now 17-year-old has changed his entire life.

It would seem that the parents of teenage daughter’s who are being chased by a celebrity are simply wooed by their status. How would you react if your son and or daughter came home claiming to be in a relationship/wanting to marry a celebrity at least 20-30 years older then them, and possibly even a few years older then yourself? Would you support it or kick the celebrity out onto the curb?


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