Update7: Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against John Travolta.

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Lesson of the day: never leave a paper trail.

Reporters from the New York Daily News have managed to backtrack the 2nd case against John Travolta to a; 6 foot, 250-pound, 40-year-old husband/father, ex-football player who is a certified black belt, a soft-spoken nail technician, a licensed massage therapist and still currently employed at the Atlanta hotel in Georgia (as far as I’m aware).

Yes, the identify of John Doe 2 has now been released to the public (seemingly without his consent) as John Truesdale. Despite wishing to remain anonymous, when approached by reporters and paparazzi, he cracked a few jokes, keeping a smile for the public but advised reporters that he was unable to provide any comment for an on-going case (dur).

Considering his background, I can safely say I understand why he wished for his identity to remain undisclosed. Although he may be a soft-spoken, warm-hearted person, he could easily take down a bus if he had to (Hulk-smash!). Spectators have been torn between which side they believe, but after John Truesdale’s debut, many have decided that John Travolta actually may be the victim.

Based on the evidence provided to the public so far – which side do you believe?


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