Snooki Leaves The Jersey Shore House.

Despite past claims, The Situation & Snooki will both remain on the newest season of Jersey Shore, though Nicole has made the decision to move herself out of the infamous “bachelor/ette pad”. The 24-year-old soon-to-be-mother who is due in the fall will be residing in a space of her own near the rest of the crew. According to reports made, “Snooki” would rather be on her own (possibly with her fiance, Jionni LaValle?) and feels it’s not worth it to be surrounded by boozy, loud roommates while pregnant.

Some fans felt that a sober Situation would make the show lose its’ spark, not to mention a pregnant Snooki would make for less eventful nights out as well.

Do you think a sober Situation, and a booze-free, tan-less Snooki will make you press the snooze button or will you keep watching?

One thought on “Snooki Leaves The Jersey Shore House.

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