Celebrate With Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston.

Forewarning: To those emotional die-hearts (like me), I cannot promise that you will not cry during the above tribute performance.

Earlier this week at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, the late Whitney Houston was announced as the holder of the Millennium Award. Before Bobbi Kristina accepted the award on her mother’s behalf (which was also her first public appearance since Whitney’s passing), John Legend and Jordin Sparks took to the stage to pay tribute to the Voice of the Century.

A few days after Sparks passionately sang the infamous song, “I Will Always Love You” (originally performed and written by Dolly Parton), the duet with Sparks and Houston, which is the last recording of Whitney, was leaked onto the Internet.

“Celebrate” will be featured in the upcoming film set to be released in theaters on August 17th entitled “SparkleThe 1960’s themed movie is about three sisters who form an all-girl group and soon become Motown sensations, when suddenly, the challenge of fame begins to tear apart the close-knit family.

This will be Whitney’s last silver-screen moment [heartbreak].

Familiar faces include Carmen Ejogo, Derek Luke, Mike Epps, Omari Hardwick, Tika Sumpter and CeeLo Green.

Producer Harvey Mason Jr. has told the press that despite her end-of-life struggles, Whitney Houston was “really positive” and “fun-loving” during the recording of “Celebrate” with Jordin Sparks.


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