Vitalii Sediuk to Will Smith – I’m Sorry.

During the premiere of “Men in Black 3″ in Moscow last week, Ukrainian reporter Vitalii Sediuk, hugged Will Smith and “wanted to do something to impress him.”. But while Mr. Sediuk felt a smack on the lips, as per Slavic tradition, may be appropriate, Will Smith felt a different kind of smack was necessary.

Now looking back, the reporter has publicly apologized through Hip Hollywood to Mr. Smith, a person who he deeply respects as an actor, admitting that his behavior was a tad much. According to Sediuk, after the events took place, other reporters asked if he planned on suing the “Fresh Prince”, but Sediuk insisted he is not attempting to claim for fame nor feels the need to press any charges. Considering how quickly it all happened, I can understand how his overwhelming emotions may have taken over (even though trying to kiss the man is quite… Well, awkward), and at least Will Smith was “cool” enough about it to laugh it off.


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