Below you shall find multiple photographs of the suspect, LUKA ROCCO MAGNOTTA. If you see this person, PLEASE CALL AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY, as he is extremely dangerous and on the
International Most Wanted List.

Police are lead to believe the suspect in question may have fled the country and therefore, the warrant for Luka Rocco Magnotta (who could also be using names Eric Clinton, Kirk Newman or Vladimir Romanov) has now been extended from Canada-wide to an international search.

The model/stripper/porn star who was the subject of an international social media campaign for allegedly videotaping his killing of kittens and posting it on the Internet (although strongly denied the claims), is the suspect in a recent murder and dismemberment of what police believe is an unidentified Asian man who was said to be missing. Authorities are currently awaiting detailed results from autopsy reports to find how the man was killed and whether he had passed away prior to being dismembered. They also believe the gruesome event was not related to organized crime and that the suspect and the victim had known each other.

Police obtained a disturbing video showing the crime in progress which had also been posted on the Internet, and are attempting to remove it from the site.

The Montreal Gazette also received a video showing Magnotta stabbing a man repeatedly on a bed and sexually assaulting him, though at this moment in time, are unable to confirm whether the video had been staged and or is the same footage police had claimed.

A headless and limbless torso that was placed in a suitcase was discovered by a janitor amongst garbage Tuesday at Place Lucy and Decarie Blvd. in Montreal’s Snowdon neighborhood. That same day, an employee of the Conservative Party of Canada headquarters in Ottawa received and opened a package that contained a severed foot, with an included note. The letter allegedly read that a total of six other body parts had been distributed throughout the mail and warned that the person responsible would kill again. A second parcel was later located at a Canada Post sorting facility in Ottawa, containing a hand. It has been reported that police suspect the limbs to be from the same victim [adult Asian male], who was previously mentioned.

As the case was turned over to Montreal police, they have been intensely focusing their attention to the second floor apartment building near where the torso had been found. A noisome odor and a blood stained mattress filled the small apartment which was inhabited by the 29-year-old “quiet man who stayed to himself.”. The superintendent went on to joke,

“It’s like you see in the movies. It’s always the good neighbor. It’s the cliche.”

One resident who is an actor told reporters that he last spoke to Magnotta for the first and last time approximately five days ago when the suspect asked how he could get started in “legitimate” films. Other tenants in the building said they also saw Magnotta wearing a bizarre wig a few days prior to the incident and commented on his strange appearance.

Two reporters spoke to employees at a Canada Post office a few blocks from the apartment asking them whether they were aware of the possibility that the dismembered body parts had been mailed from their establishment. Although they had been aware the torso was found nearby, they could not confirm whether the body had sent out through their location. They also admitted that police had not yet questioned them about the murder whatsoever.

It was also said a few years ago that Luka Rocco Magnotta had dated the notorious sex killer Karla Homolka; although according to Magnotta, he had not only never dated the woman, but also had never met her.

“My life feels like it is spinning out of control,” he told Canoe News in 2007 with quivering lips.

“I want to set the record straight, I not only have never dated Karla, I have never even met her.”

The young male received death threats, feared sleeping and even checking his e-mails, and also had his dog stolen. Considering he worked in the adult “entertainment” industry, he felt that the rumors of his apparent relationship with Homolka could have begun with someone from his past.



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