Murderer Admitted To Eating Victim’s Brain & Heart.

News of Miami’s “Zombie”, Rudy Eugene, has spread like wildfire across the globe, but apparently, he is not the only “zombie-attacker” in recent days.

In Maryland, the father of 21-year-old Alexander Kinyua called police late Tuesday night after Alexander’s brother found human remains (a head and two hands) in a metal tin in their home’s basement. While the brother and father left the room where the victim was found, Kinyua moved the body and proceeded to wash out the tin.

Although authorities searched the home; Alexander Kinyua, a Morgan State University student, admitted to murdering his roommate, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, who was reported as missing last Friday. Not only did Kinyua stab his roommate and dismembered him – he later ingested parts of the victim’s brain and all of his heart. The rest of the remains were reportedly placed in a dumpster behind a church in Joppatowne.

Unfortunately, the reasoning behind the murder is still unclear, though Wednesday morning, Kinyua was charged with first-degree murder. He had also been previously charged on the 20th of May with first-degree assault after beating a fellow student randomly with a baseball bat and fleeing into the woods.


2 thoughts on “Murderer Admitted To Eating Victim’s Brain & Heart.

  1. It’s sad to say, but this seems to be becoming a trend in recent days/weeks. Cannibalism has been around for forever, but it’s as if people are TRYING to make the end of the world come about. I read that a man brutally killed his dog after being addicted to drugs and taking bath salts (like Rudy Eugene, the man in Miami), and I can’t help but wonder if all these people are taking similar drugs.

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