Gunman In Seattle Takes Five Lives & Commits Suicide.

A popular cafe for artists and musicians called the Cafe Racer was the setting for 40-year-old Ian Lee Stawicki’s rage-explosion. Evan Hill, who lives above the establishment, describes the venue to have a “very mellow” atmosphere, and “the last place to expect for something like this to happen.”

The patrons at Cafe Racer say that Ian Lee Stawicki had been present at the bar for multiple days, often picking fights with other customers.

On Wednesday, Stawicki entered the cafe and fired his weapon – killing four people and injuring another. Two of the victims who passed away were identified as Drew Keriakedes and Joe Albanese. After standing silently by himself for a short while, Stawicki then proceeded to quickly go downtown where he fatally shot a woman while carjacking her black SUV.

“As patrol officers started coming in, the suspect saw that he was just about to be captured, and the suspect then raised a firearm to his head and then shot himself in the head,” said Seattle Police Deputy Chief of Operations Nick Metz.

Ian’s brother, Andrew Stawicki, tellsThe Seattle Timesthat Ian was mentally ill.

“We could see this coming,” he said, “We’re not surprised, when you have so much of that anger inside of you.”

Since the beginning of the year, this marks the 21st homicide, surpassing the number for all of last year’s murders. Seattle is to be considered one of the safest big cities, though residents are now a tad concerned for their safety. Steve Parker, a citizen, expressed his thoughts,

“I’m wondering what the heck’s going on in this city. Everybody’s getting gun happy in this town. It’s just crazy.”


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