New Jersey – Wayne Carter Throws Intestines At Police.

The 43-year-old with a history of psychiatric problems, Wayne Carter, repeatedly stabbed himself with a 12-inch knife on Sunday, the 27th of May. Barricading himself inside of his home in Hackensack, New Jersey, police attempted to calm the man down, but he refused to drop the weapon and waved the knife and a hammer at police.

Carter continued to stab himself in the legs, abdomen and neck, then began throwing pieces of skin and intestines at the officers. They decided to call the SWAT team, who later had to be decontaminated due to the amount of blood.

By the time SWAT had arrived, Carter’s intestines were “literally” hanging out of his body, an unnamed police official told the Pilot.

The SWAT team from Bergen County Police Department, nonetheless, eventually disarmed the man after being sprayed with two cans of pepper spray and rushed him to the hospital where he underwent surgery early Monday.


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