Black Bear Eats Remains Of Convicted Murderer.

Rory Wagner, 54-years-old, lived in Kamloops, British Columbia and was reported missing the 23rd of May after failing to appear at his residence on the 22nd for parole. An arrest warrant was issued for the man who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 1994. He and two others kidnapped Andy Kohlman and beat him to death, though his body was never found. They were charged with killing Kohlman, who had been acquitted on sexual charges involving two of Wagner’s nieces (believed to be the motive for murder).

Although authorities are still unsure of the cause, Wagner passed away in his car on a remote logging road, which was found by hunters last week. Authorities state there was no foul play involved, though he had called into work claiming he would not be in for the next few days. Some people feel Wagner committed suicide.

After his passing, a black bear pulled Wagner’s body from the car’s open window, began to eat his remains and buried the man under a pile of dirt and vegetation. Officials later trapped two bears that surrounded the area; examinations on the bear’s fur, teeth and claws confirmed that one of the trapped bears was the same bear seen at the scene, guarding his “food” stash.

As bears remember the location of their food sources, the bear has been euthanized.


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