R.I.P. Ray Bradbury.

According to reports, Ray Bradbury passed away in L.A. last night, at aged 91. His wife passed away in 2003, and they both now leave behind 4 daughters and grandchildren.

Ray’s grandson told io9, “If I had to make any statement, it would be how much I love and miss him … He was the biggest kid I know.”

Mr. Bradbury is most known for “Fahrenheit 451” (which I am personally a dear fan of), “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, “The Illustrated Man” and “The Martian Chronicles”. He also scripted the 1956’s John Huston’s version of Moby Dick and The Twilight Zone. Although much of his work has been adapted to TV and film, Bradbury famously criticized the modern age and technology.

“We have too many cell phones. We’ve got too many internets. We have got to get rid of those machines. We have too many machines now.”

R.I.P. good sir, R.I.P.


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