Update: John Travolta & Doug Gotterba, Secret Lovers.

From 1978 – 1994, Joan Edwards was the secretary to the star, John Travolta, claiming that she took care of all his scheduling, both personal and professional.

In 1981, Doug Gotterba began working for the star as well as his personal pilot.

Due to having the same employer, the two met and are reportedly still good friends. Now although Mr. Gotterba has not confirmed the recent reports himself and has only admitted to being formerly employed by Travolta, his past beau, Robert Britz and Joan Edwards both claim that Doug Gotterba admitted to having a sexual relationship with John Travolta – for six years.

“He told me that John was gay and they had a sexual relationship” Edwards says.

“Of course I knew [John Travolta] was gay. It never bothered me.” further explaining to The National Enquirer.

Post-Travolta boyfriend, Robert Britz, went on to claim,

“Doug told me right at the beginning of our relationship that he’d had a homosexual relationship with John Travolta in the 1980’s.”

“Doug said John was constantly grabbing at his genital area, but he put up with John’ sexual advances because working for him was ‘lucrative’.”

“I personally saw about two minutes of Doug’s video showing John Travolta at the end of a bed with his shirt off. There were plates of food in front of him.”

“The video appeared to be shot in a hotel room. Doug said it was lucrative to be what he called John’s ‘personal right hand man’ and homosexual partner.”

“After a few years, Doug grew apart from John sexually, and John’s advances started to repulse him,” according to Britz, “The relationship ended shortly thereafter.”

Britz also went on to state that John’s weight gain between films and “hairy body” became problematic in the eyes of Gotterba, and was a factor as to why the couple broke off their six year secret relationship.

As Travolta’s career began to peak, author Wensley Clarkson and his team claim to have scrambled to hide the rumored homosexual relationships by setting him up on a date with 16-year-old Brooke Shields.

“The relationship reached a head when John was being interviewed by a journalist and just happened to take two lovey-dovey phone calls from Brooke during the interview,” Clarkson wrote in his 1997 biography John Travolta: Back in Character.

“Close friends of John Travolta knew perfectly well there was no romance with Brooke. But the rumors certainly helped to improve John’s image.”

Later in 1991, Travolta married Kelly Preston, 49, though she reportedly walked out and is in the process of divorce papers after the allegations were made and newly released photos showing Travolta dressed in drag in 1997.

5 thoughts on “Update: John Travolta & Doug Gotterba, Secret Lovers.

  1. I have photos of the pilot John was shagging in the 80’s. up close, clear, incriminatying photos! (im his ex flight attendant)
    if your interested, i will sell.
    i will be offering them to US. People as well.
    have about 10….in the cock pit too! drinking pink martinnies and reading INStyle mag in the jet!
    im sure the public would love to see who jons lover was!!

    • Thanks for the offer, I appreciate that. But I do not want to go from “news reporting” to crossing a personal boundary. And, I’m also in personal contact with Doug, so there is no need for pictures :)

      Thanks though!
      Sending you all my best!

      • Good to you for not going “there”. I doubt the veracity of anyone who is such a horrendous speller.

  2. So what if John is Gay. He’s a fantastic actor & appears to be a great person, so lets talk about those things, eh? How come no one ever talks about the good things people do? I never hear about John being an asshole, like so many other stars, so why are people trying to “dig” at him?

    • “… John is Gay… a fabulous actress… I never hear about John’s a–hole.”
      -I’m sure if you really want that sort of thing it’s a big web… Why is ‘Gay’ capitalized?
      I understand the verbal gestering of “Air Quotes” -is that ‘WHY’?! …Oh, I ‘DID’ it too!

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