UPDATE: More Body Parts Found In Vancouver, Luka Magnotta Possibly Connected.

If you haven’t done so already, please read my previous posts about Luka Magnotta, to get you up to speed on the situation.

The Search.
The Search – Update.
Press Conference.

The Montreal police are quite puzzled as to why this has come up a week after the first package was received, but nonetheless, believe that the body parts mailed to two schools in Vancouver, B.C. yesterday are the missing limbs of late Lin Jun (above to the left – not yet confirmed).

At a press conference held yesterday, police officers revealed that the head, and right foot and hand of Lin was still missing. DNA test results will confirm whether the right foot and hand which was received does belong to Lin Jun, but officials are already suspecting Luka Rocco Magnotta (who they believe did not have an accomplice).

The two schools to unfortunately have been involved in the case were False Creek Elementary School at 1pm (Vancouver time), and St. George’s School an hour later. The reason Magnotta may have chosen these two specific locations, is still unknown, though he was known to have traveled widely, including the West Coast of Canada.

As of this moment, Lin’s head is sadly still missing.

Websites who advertise and post the footage that is believed to show the dismemberment of Lin are being investigated. Police are currently looking into pressing charges against website owners and strongly suggest for users not to watch the video.

Along with confirming that they have the video evidence of Magnotta’s killing, they also believe he made have ingested parts of the victim’s limbs prior to sending it through the mail.

A source has revealed (claims not yet confirmed) that Magnotta and Lin had been dating while he studied engineering at an University in Montreal – when Lin broke off the relationship and began seeing another man, Magnotta became outraged and turned violent.

Commander Ian Lafrenière confirmed that Lin’s relatives have arrived in Montreal and their whereabouts will be closely guarded.


On St-Jacques St. W. in Notre Dame de Grace this morning, someone passing by discovered a realistic fake foot. This scare lead to a full police investigation and raised fears of a copycat killer.

“This is not the type of joke to be making at this time, considering the events of the last weeks,” Montreal police spokesman Yannick Ouimet said.

The incident is being investigated and charges of mischief could be laid.

-Honestly, grow up and show some respect, people. As if our city hasn’t been torn upside down enough lately. Let family and friends mourn in peace.


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