OPINION – Tattoos Of Spouses Names.

Chric Crocker, the man in the infamous viral video “Leave Britney Alone“, recently decided to get his second tattoo placed on the left side of his chest.

A small heart with a scroll that says “Justin” was permanently etched onto his skin.

Two days after the original post date, the video has received 14, 212 views – 683 likes and 273 dislikes. The description is as follows,

I’m not allowing comments on this video because others comments aren’t necessary. MUAH!

Now. As someone who grew up around tattoos, has three of my own and is planning on getting more, I’m obviously not opposed to the art. In my mind, a tattoo is the physical expression of yourself, and if you were ever to decide to honor someone who touched your life by getting a tattoo representing them, I think that is a beautiful and special moment.

But. The keyword there would be “a tattoo representing them”. Chris Crocker even mentioned in the footage that he realizes people will make comments stating that if he and his boyfriend Justin were to ever break up, the memory will last with him forever. What happens if he begins dating someone else… etc etc. He is confident and perfectly happy with having the name of his boyfriend tattooed on him for the rest of time and I am truly happy for him in that aspect.

Despite that I do feel great joy for his decision and the happiness he received from it, I personally would never get someone’s actual name written on my skin. Life is full of unexpected possibilities, and even the most stable ground can one day quiver under your feet. The future is unpredictable. Get a symbol, a quote, a picture, a design … something, to honor the impact they made on your heart – to me, that is enough.

Even though I might not agree with the decision to tattoo someones name on you for life (unless it is a child,  parent, grandparent, sibling … you get my drift), it is no concern of my own. But I’m interested to see how other people feel about it.

Convince me I’m wrong. Convince me I’m right. What would you do?


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