Come Sail Away With Me For The Summer.

Below you shall find a list of dates of when I will be unavailable. 

  • June.

    • 11th: Extremely busy day at work, also preparing paperwork for the big move with Kevin!
    • 16th: Mother-in-law’s birthday.
    • 25th: Holiday.
    • 30th: MOVING DAY.
  • July.

    • 2nd: Holiday.
    • 9th: Parent’s 24th Wedding Anniversary.
    • 21st: Dear friend’s wedding.
    • July 13 – 30: Vacay-away.
  • August.

    • 6th: Company’s Holiday.
    • August 8: KRISTINA’S 22ND BIRTHDAY :)
  •  September.

    • 3rd: Holiday.
    • 19th: 4th Anniversary with Kevin.
    • 29th: Mom’s 45th birthday!

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