The News On Casey Anthony.

Almost a year ago (July 17th, 2011), Casey Anthony was found not guilty for the murder of her daughter, Caylee.

Since then; Casey has moved around Florida numerous times [as she is unable to leave the state], spends most of her life online, has gained 20 pounds and wears her daughters ashes within a necklace around her neck – according to a friend.

Both Casey and her mother, Cindy, wear similar necklaces containing the ashes of late Caylee, telling the source that “it was the way the Anthony women would be together forever”.

Though jewelery isn’t the only “forever” Casey is aiming for. She has decided to transform her diaries into a novel, though publishers are strongly avoiding the offer, fearing for the backlash from the public and the soon to be released novel from lawyer Jose Baez.

According to lawyer Baez, the accused child killer lived in a “fantasy world”, creating fake friends in her mind, pretending each morning to go to a job she never had and has “serious mental issues” which were made clear while she lied to the police (except this wasn’t proof of guilt, in his eyes). Baez also goes on to describe how Casey brought police officers to Universal Studios to search for her daughter,

“[Detectives should have realized] right away, ‘Wait a minute, we’re clearly not dealing with someone who is playing with a full deck.”

The original story Casey explained to police was that their Nanny (Zaneida Gonzalez – who did not exist, though a woman with the same name is currently suing Casey for defamation) kidnapped Caylee and that she had been attempting to find her daughter for the past month before reporting her as missing.

“I wrote the book because there was so much that people didn’t know, and still don’t know. This book is more than 420 pages of nothing but the inside story.” writes Jose Baez.

“My goal wasn’t to change anyone’s minds. My goal was to tell the story and if people change their minds, it will be because [they learned] more facts.”

“I think people’s reaction will be surprised at how much they don’t know.”

Somewhere down the line, Baez argued in court that Caylee had accidentally drowned in the family’s swimming pool while Casey and her father, George, were at home. George allegedly hid the body, which he obviously denied.

Casey’s attorney also has now revealed that the trunk of Casey’s car, where prosecutors believed Caylee’s body was hidden, smelled as though a corpse had been decomposing.

“I could smell something rotten,” he wrote. “I had been to a morgue before and my first impression was that this smelled like a dead body.”

“I smelled something else, a chemical-like substance. If you took a good strong whiff, it almost hurt your nostrils. ‘Oh my God,’ I thought.”

“I’m going to have to talk to Casey about taking a plea.”

Casey refused to take the plea.

Father, George (who was also accused of sexually abusing his daughter, Casey), almost admits that after picking Casey and her car up from the impound lot, he smelled “something that you would never forget.”. As he opened the trunk, he prayed to not find the still body of his granddaughter. Officer dogs investigated the vehicle and reacted to the decomposing smell, indicating a body was within the vehicle and also buried in their backyard. Police searched both places, but found nothing and was later dismissed.

Cindy, Casey’s mother, later called a 911 dispatcher in 2008 saying, “I found my daughter’s car today and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car!”

As citizens, I would feel it to be safe to say that most of us hear this news and wonder how this evidence was taken lightly.

Forensic expert Henry Lee said on the stand after examining the car, “You never know whether it’s decomposing garbage or a decomposing body.”

“I was extremely relieved,” Casey’s attorney wrote in his book about the analysis, claiming this was the answer he had hoped for. He acknowledged that he worried for Casey’s case, as the public often trusts in the dogs as though they were “magic”, though was revealed when the evidence fell through the cracks. Fault of the prosecutor, he says. And despite what he may believe, the evidence was not conclusive either way.

To this day, Casey denies having murdered her daughter and was capable of avoiding any direct questions about her daughters death during her trail, invoking fifth amendment privileges. Unfortunately for Casey, she will now possibly be forced to speak about all that happened in attempts to defend herself against Zenaida Gonzalez, where the fifth amendment has no affect.

Perhaps this will bring new light/evidence to the situation.





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