Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout, Emphasis On The Teen.

Don’t get me wrong. I watch and am a fan of the MTV reality show, Teen Mom, and Maci is my second favorite parent (after Caitlynn and Tyler, of course!). And even though she became a mother at a young age (now 20) and is handling her situation generally quite well, you have to admit, she still has some of the typical teen in her.

In the beginning, it was Ryan Edwards, the father of Bentley.

The couple were constantly at each others throats, and frankly, I’m surprised that they both survived. I wouldn’t say that he treated her horribly, though nor can I say that he was a Prince. Their relationship seemed quite bipolar, going from perfect to a train wreck within the span of a few minutes. But in the end, Maci decided to move on with her life and surround herself with better company.

Which brings us to Kyle King.

A 23-year-old good man who loved both Maci and Bentley whole-heartedly and seemed to be willing to do just about anything for them (can you tell he’s my favorite of all her ex’s?). Unfortunately after trying to pressure Kyle into marriage, he decided to pack his bags.

“She was with him for almost two years, so obviously there was real love there, but he was always second-best in her heart of hearts,” a source says. “She never wanted to admit it but pretty much all of her friends knew that she would have rather been with Ryan. She is sad over losing Kyle, it’s not like she never loved him. But she doesn’t love him the way she loves Ryan, so the breakup is for the best.” The source close to Maci continued, “She never thought Kyle quite measured up to Ryan, especially in the look department. It’s kind of shallow, but that was always there in the back of her mind.”

“Kyle knew she was still in love with Ryan. He read her diary last summer and found out that she was still holding onto feelings for Ryan and that she still wanted to have sex with him. It was major drama for them. Maci kept telling him that he misunderstood what he read in her diary, but the truth is she really is still totally into Ryan.”

I’m sorry, but ICK! Ugly souls, cold hearts and a horrible personality leave you with nothing but a pile of cow dung. Hunny, if you’re in it just for the looks, you will never get passed a first date from here on out. You should feel attracted to the person you’re with, yes, but being “totally hot” is not a good enough reason to run back to a jerkface. Point finale [at least in my books].

And so, this left us last year with Maci longing for Ryan claiming that he was “The One” and they’d end up marrying, having more children and living the happy go-lucky life every girl dreams of.

*Cough cough. Oh, hello there. Welcome back to reality, little darling. I’d like to introduce you to the new Kyle.

A motocross racer named Kyle Regal. The two fell quickly, turning their flirtatious ways into a relationship after a few weeks, to only end it approximately 3 months later.

During a race at the end of May, Maci and Bentley flew to California to watch Kyle finish in a disappointing 28th place. It seems an argument heated up from that point, where Maci tweeted:

“hey does any body know where the stick thats up @kyleREGAL’s ass came from? because he needs to take it back.”

The next day, Kyle’s rebuttal was a short & sweet tweet of, “yea I’m SINGLE =)”, which later was deleted. His page was then filled with tweets like “pimps dont fall in love.” and even more drama.

“Hey @kyleREGAL before you call a girl askin her to send you naked pictures make sure she’s not friends with your GF” came from Cady Groves, a singer friend of Maci’s.

“It takes a f*ucking lot for me to see enough in someone to call them a friend. So when I see someone trying to deliberately hurt them or their feelings especially by using ME as a catalyst I swear to you I will never forget that shit. Don’t be shitty. Karma is real. Love is not.”

So I suppose we are all on the same page here when I say that that Kyle, will not be returning into the “big picture”. But! That does not go for Kyle #1!

With that in mind, this ultimately brings me to today’s news update. It seems like Kyle and Maci have decided to start over and try again.

“They still hook up, and lately they’ve been inseparable.” a source told US Weekly.

It seems that after watching the season premiere of Teen Mom where Bentley and Kyle play fight, she realized that she was completely out of hand and acting crazy (insiders words, not mine!).

“I think Kyle and I could make things work right now,” Maci said. “But we’d rather figure ourselves out first and then try to make a life together.”

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think [Kyle was The One] … But I’m only 20. There’s no need to rush into anything.”

Well, well, well. I think I’ve heard this one before. Ultimately though, I cannot blame the girl. Although the circumstances she’s in (in a general perspective) are consequences to her own actions, it is a tough life – especially at the age she’s at. I remember being in High School, jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend, thinking each relationship was “forever” and the boy I “loved” (definitely do not dismiss the air quotes here) at that moment was “The One” for me. It never is. They never last. Well, most don’t anyhow. So she’s just an innocent teenager at heart, there’s nothing wrong with that. But for the sake of Bentley, I hope she realizes that perhaps what is best is for her to stay single for awhile before jumping into another relationship, again. The poor kid won’t know who to call Daddy anymore and will end up calling each dude in his life “Uncle So&so”.

And what happened to her feelings for Ryan? Obviously, people find closure and move on with their lives, but is she still secretly hoping to get him back? Talk about trust issues.

But when the day is done and the sun goes down, I wish them all the best. Hopefully Maci & Kyle are able to come to terms with where they now stand and find happiness, no matter what outcome that means.


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