Princess Diana’s Documentary Discontinued.

Unlawful Killing placed much of the blame surrounded the deaths of Princess Di and passenger/lover Dodi Al-Fayed on the Royal Family, sturring up many major conspiracy theories. The documentary exposing the alleged cover-up for Princess Di’s “murder” was set to be released in the United Stated on the 31st of August, honoring the 15th anniversary of their deaths.

The four-year project about Prince William and Prince Diana which was financed by Al-Fayed’s father had been sold to foreign markets last year at the Cannes Film Festival for 2012 distribution. Reports have now expressed that the film will no longer be featured, due to an issue of insurance.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that no company would provide the producers with a global policy to protect against lawsuits that potentially could occur due to the film’s controversial content.

The producer of the film says, “It became undoable. We are all disappointed.”

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