Illinois Fishermen; Hold Your Boys, Boys ;)

According to British fisherman, Jeremy Wade, human attacks are quite rare in the Illinois Lake Lou Yaeger area, filled with commonly-known fish.

Recently, reports suggested a fisherman reeled in a piranha on the 7th of June, which was later identified as a “pacu”.

The Pacu is a non-native toothy fish that can weigh up to 55 pounds, primarily eating nuts, aquatic vegetation and snails. These little guys have never posed any real threat towards humans.

Illinois’ locals beg to differ.

In 2011, Wade claimed that locals had advised him of two fishermen’s deaths caused by blood loss. Typically when you think of a wounded fisherman suffering from a fish bite, you think of a cut along the hands or arms (as they grab them out of the water). The Pacu, however, decided to literally bite the two fishermen’s testicles clear off, giving him the self-explanatory nick-name of “ball cutter”.

Reports have been made that a few other Pacu fish have been spotted in the surrounding areas, though it doesn’t seem as anyone else may have been injured to date.



& to the families who lost their loved ones due to this fish, I send my most profound sympathies.


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