Shooting by New York City’s Empire State Building.

At 9:07am this morning, 911 received multiple calls urging them to rush to New York City’s Empire State Building where a shooting had taken place.

The FBI has confirmed the shooting was not terrorist-related.

Victim on West 33rd Street after opened fire.

Tourists waiting in line to enter the Empire State Building claim they saw a man running along the street with a gun. Once fire began, one witness said she had seen the gunman shooting indiscriminately, which left 10 people injured and a bystander dead. Witnesses to the scene were left dazed and confused, unsure of what had exactly happened right before their eyes.

The suspect, now identified as Jeffrey Johnson aged 53, has also been reported as deceased after being shot by police.

According to Mayer Michael Bloomberg, the shooter was a disgruntled employee who had been fired last year due to downsizing and returned to the workplace with a gun. He was a designer of the woman’s accessories department at Hazzan Imports.

Chris Ogden, a construction worker who had been working on the building above, watched in disbelief. He describes the shooter as a well-dressed man in a grey suit carrying a briefcase.

“He shot the guy in the head,” said Ogden, 23. “The guy went down. He took a second shot when he was down.” And then he “walked down the block, like nothing was happening, real casual. We were screaming from the top, ‘It’s the guy in the grey suit!'”.

Ogden then followed Johnson and alerted police officers of his whereabouts.

When approached by officers, Johnson pulled out his gun he had causally returned to his bag and opened fire towards the police. Two women and seven men were shot in the exchange, some may have been wounded by shots made from police officers – no life-threatening wounds.


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