Bridal Shoot Drowning In Montreal.

The fictional character, Meg Cummings from the soap opera Sunset Beach, ran into the ocean in her wedding dress after her wedding had been interrupted.

Since then, a world-wide trend has sprouted based off of this scene, and has adopted the name of “Trash The Dress”. In shortest terms, this event involves destroying bridal wear by posing for pictures with an environmental background, demonstrating that the wedding is now over, and the dress will never be worn again. Rather than storing the expensive piece of fabric, these woman take part in the photo shoot (also referred to as “fearless bridal” or “rock the frock”) which could take place anywhere from in the city streets, rooftops, garbage dumps, abandoned buildings, and beaches.

Unfortunately, during a recent photo shoot, a 30-year-old woman drowned in Rawdon on Friday, which is 75 kilometres northeast of Montreal. While in the river, the gown became a sponge and soaked up enough water to weigh the woman down, causing her to lose her footing and drown.

Maria Pantazopoulos was married on the 9th of June.

This tragic event is the first reported incident of its kind. Despite the fact that Mrs. Pantazopoulos was standing in shallow waters, anything can happen; here’s to hoping woman will be more cautious when going to the extremes for a photo.

Rest in peace, dear Maria.


One thought on “Bridal Shoot Drowning In Montreal.

  1. I’d rather say no to trashing the dress – spend that much money on fabric just to ruin it, I’ll pass.

    I just feel awful for her and her family, it is such a tragedy.

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