My Strange Addiction.

Last week while at home with a high fever, I spent some time watching old episodes of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction”.

I sat there, utterly fascinated by these average people and their secret “odd” habits; a man who has a loving relationship with a sex doll (and a second doll on the way), another man in a committed emotional and sexual relationship with his car, a woman who only speaks through puppets, another woman who snorts baby powder, and later found myself 10 seconds away from being physically ill after watching a poor woman suffer from the loss of her husband, to only end up eating his ashes [you read correctly, eating. his. ashes.].

Nonetheless, I shook off the emotions I cannot even begin to describe, and moved onto watching Maury [I admit it; I am “one of those”. I watch drama-filled TV shows in order to feel better about my own life, horrible – I know].

Then today, I find myself obsessing over the arrival of my new cellular. While talking to my best friend, I realized that I couldn’t concentrate on anything besides when I will be able to fiddle with my new device [to the point where I had to write about it ;)]. Although I am capable of doing my job promptly and correctly, can hold conversations and live out my life normally, the thought of the mailman possibly putting the box which contains my phone into the mailbox at this moment is flashing in the back of my mind like a neon sign.

I have been tracking it since the very beginning.

Purchased on the 13th, sent out on the 14th, in processing the 15th. Then a grueling 5 days later, it was finally shipped out from Hong Kong.

The moment it hit Canada, I went ballistic. It arrived and was stationed in Ontario, which only meant a day were left until it arrived in my own hands. But unfortunately, the parcel arriving did not mean its’ delivery date was nearing.

The 22nd, arrived in Canada and ‘will be reviewed by Customs”.
The 23rd, “Item was released by Customs and is now with Canada Post for processing.”

At this point, anxiety, frustration and impatience had settled in.

Now this morning, the 27th, just after midnight, my beloved phone has arrived in my town! Oh, happy day! And better yet, at 8:04am, “Item out for delivery”. FANTASTIC – greatest way to begin a work week.
Except, that’s when the reality clicked in – will the box even fit in my apartment mailbox? Will I return home tonight to see nothing but a ticket to claim my prize? It wouldn’t be much of a problem, seeing as the Post Office is a parking lot, and across the street away, but I would have to wait until it returns. Which means, I can only pick it up tomorrow after work instead.

My heart sank as my stomach decided to twist and turn into knots. It felt almost as though the nerves, the excitement, the adrenaline, the anger, the frustration and the headache of it all had truly made me feel ill.

Step back a minute.

It’s just a phone…

I’ve realized in the past and have even joked about how I have a “phone addiction”, after buying a new phone approximately every year for no reason other than simply wanting something new.

Mind you, my Blackberry Bold was deemed defective when I bought it in May of 2011 after 3 months of going back and forth with Customer Support (oh, how entertaining that was /sarcasm). But the Nokia E5 they had sent to “make up for your troubles” was too large for my hands, so I was left with my annoying, broken, little piece of white noise. But, it is not broken beyond repair, and can still function properly on the most part, therefore a new phone was not completely necessary. And yet, it felt like a need, not a want.

Blackberry Bold 9780


It’s a simple phone. An “entry level android” that many claimed to be a “POS” (piece oh shh), but that does not matter to me [the bond we share is already too strong! hah]. Reviewers compare it to the “high-tech”, advanced androids and iPhones; resulting in complaints about its’ memory size, no flash for the camera, the lack of pixels in the images, the resolution for the screen, etc. The way I see it; if you want a faster processor and a better resolution – buy a computer. If you want a flash and a crystal clear photograph – there’s a camera for that (not an app!). All these “issues” can be solved so simply by buying the actual product that was designed to do the job they’re convinced a phone should do.

Photo’s found on Blugga.

What happened to the days when phones were used to CALL one another and nothing more? Now people expect them to do everything, to the point where we can even use the device as a credit card now *facepalm.

Nonetheless, regardless of what people may think, the design of the phone blew me away and pulled on the end of my nerves, begging me to take it home. I simply need it for texting, might as well look awesome while doing it, right? And so, impulse took over my trigger finger as I pressed the “Buy Now”, “Shipping Details”, “Confirm Purchase” and screamed out “SEND!”.

Now looking back, I can’t help but think … I truly am addicted to phones [if it’s even possible]. All those hours spent researching the newest stats on phones, the YouTube reviews, the articles, the photographs… all pointless. Though on the bright side, I know enough about phones where I could easily sell you any type of device and have a gleaming smile on my face while doing it!

My Strange Addiction – cell phones. :)

Do you have a strange addiction? Take the poll & leave a comment below telling me what you love!


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