A Moment Of Echo.

Take a deep breathe – oh right, I can’t, because my lungs are struggling not to collapse.


Write all your problems – geez, what a joke. A list of what’s right will go faster, you know.

It’ll get better, I swear – I swear it every day, and yet I’m still here, where nothing has changed.

Life isn’t that bad – you’re telling me. I’m torturing myself, forced myself to my knees.

You never go out – I cannot embrace the light. I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but I’ve lost all my might.

She’d be so ashamed – it’s a reality I’ll face. I promised to get better, hopefully one day.

I still love you – I know. I’m sorry I’m such a wreck. This was a feeling I never wanted back.

There’s no reason to feel this – and yet, it’s all I do. Feel like there’s nothing left of me to try to give you.

We think you need help – and maybe I do, but I don’t see the need when none of this is true.

Just another mask – one last hurrah – a brave face to put on while I him and I haw. I need to escape, but not to run away, to begin a new life, embrace a new shade of grey. I’m tainted and broken, where there’s no reassemble. At least that’s how I feel when my life starts to crumble. I’ve made it through before, and I’ll make it again. I just can’t find my footing, so I’m slipping ’til then.

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