New York Post Cover Outrage.

If you wish to view the photograph mentioned in the following article, please feel free to Google “New York Post” within images at your own will. I will not be posting the photograph due to my personal morals and beliefs.

According to police reports, Han, 58, attempted to climb up onto the platform after being pushed onto the metro tracks in New York during an altercation. Unfortunately, he found himself trapped between the train and the platform’s edge before reaching safety.

Freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi captured the disturbing and horrifying last moments of Ki-Suk Han’s life.

The photographer admitted to news outlets that he felt he did not have the strength to aid the man below, and so, he used the flash on the camera in hopes to alert the train’s driver that a man was below. It came as a shock to Abbasi that someone within the crowd on the platform who may have been closer did not attempt to help the man within the ~22 seconds of life he had left.

After the traumatic event, the photograph of Han’s last moments was sold, and Abbasi told Today that he did not control how the images were used within the Post after the fact.

Once the image was within their hands, The New York Post decided to place the photograph on their issue’s cover, with the title “Pushed on the subway track, this man is about to die. DOOMED”.

Without hesitation, the cover stirred the emotions of people nation wide, leaving everyone with feelings of overwhelming sadness, shock and utter rage.

I definitely have a lot to say about that.


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