New York Post Cover Outrage.

If you wish to view the photograph mentioned in the following article, please feel free to Google “New York Post” within images at your own will. I will not be posting the photograph due to my personal morals and beliefs.

According to police reports, Han, 58, attempted to climb up onto the platform after being pushed onto the metro tracks in New York during an altercation. Unfortunately, he found himself trapped between the train and the platform’s edge before reaching safety.

Freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi captured the disturbing and horrifying last moments of Ki-Suk Han’s life.

The photographer admitted to news outlets that he felt he did not have the strength to aid the man below, and so, he used the flash on the camera in hopes to alert the train’s driver that a man was below. It came as a shock to Abbasi that someone within the crowd on the platform who may have been closer did not attempt to help the man within the ~22 seconds of life he had left.

After the traumatic event, the photograph of Han’s last moments was sold, and Abbasi told Today that he did not control how the images were used within the Post after the fact.

Once the image was within their hands, The New York Post decided to place the photograph on their issue’s cover, with the title “Pushed on the subway track, this man is about to die. DOOMED”.

Without hesitation, the cover stirred the emotions of people nation wide, leaving everyone with feelings of overwhelming sadness, shock and utter rage.

I definitely have a lot to say about that.


Smells Like Pizza Hut.

pizza hut

In order to celebrate Pizza Hut Canada reaching 100, 000 fans on Facebook, a promotional campaign was announced with only 110 possible lucky winners. Each individual winner shall receive an one-of-a-kind bottle of “Eau de Pizza Hut” perfume.

According to Marketing Executive Beverly D’Cruz, only 110 bottles have ever been created, and only time shall tell whether the fragrance will hit store shelves in the future.

Um, what?

Story Update: Gilles Meloche Captured.

Haven’t heard the whole story? Get caught up.

After 32 years of calling jail a home, Gilles Meloche fled from Montée St-François Institution, a minimum security federal prison in Laval, Sunday night.

How the 56-year-old managed to escape continues to leave a rather large question mark across everyone’s face, though Correctional Service Canada (CSC) intends to

“review the circumstances surrounding the incident and will take necessary measures to address any safety and security issues resulting from this incident.”

Did I just say that they don’t know how he escaped? Oh, I’m sorry. Please let me rephrase that. He walked out right the door…

56-year-old Gilles Meloche was noted as missing Sunday, October 7th, 2012, from Montée St-François Institution in Laval during a regular 10:45pm head count.

During his absence, Meloche turned to Claude Poirier, with Le Canal Nouvelles (all-French television network), Wednesday morning from an undisclosed location to hold an extensive on-air phone interview. The two have known each other for several years, though I doubt anyone was expecting this.

Meloche confessed that he was/is extremely frustrated after being rejected for parole multiple times. He assured Poirier that he had not committed any crimes since fleeing prison, nor did he plan on doing so in the future. Meloche said he was running low on medication for his tumors, and was simply desperate to see his children. Determined to spend Christmas on the other side of the bars this year – all he had to do was simply push open a door that had been left unlocked.

Police officers managed to soon track down Meloche, where he was arrested and brought back to prison Wednesday afternoon.

However, prison-mate Philippe Pelletier remains on the run. As of this moment, I have yet to find a photograph of the prisoner, therefore a describe will have to suffice.

Philippe Pelletier is 32. He is 5’11”, weighs 159 pounds, has brown eyes, brown hair, a sun tattoo on his back, a surgical scar on his abdomen and a scar on his left eyebrow.