Secret Service Scandal – Update2.

If you haven’t done so already, please read my previous article about Dania Londono Suarez and the Secret Service, to get you up to speed on the current situation:

Secret Service Scandal – Update.


Although the agent in question has since resigned from his post with the Presidents’ Secret Service, he apparently still falls short – $750, to be exact.

The Colombian prostitute (who prefers to consider herself as an escort, because prostitutes “are lower class and live in brothels”), who originally refused to dish out any details without a cost, has turned to “Today” earlier this morning with a translator to speak about the scandal.

She has now come forward  to confirm that they did, in fact, have intercourse, as per the agent’s very direct request. Suarez told him up front that a night with her would cost $800, which he agreed to. Though in the morning when asking for payment, the agent grew “very angry” and threw a $50 bill at her before kicking her out.

Shortly thereafter, the police became involved.

The hotel Suarez was brought to by the Secret Service agent, now identified as Arthur Huntington.

Although Suarez, mother to a nine-year-old son, explains that she is not proud of her actions, she also admits to be considering a book deal offered by an American publisher – as she has more details to reveal.

The 12 agents who were sent abroad were asked to conduct in a polygraph test, though three chose not to cooperate. One of those agents would be the man in question, now being identified as Arthur Huntington. Friends of Huntington state he would have never intentionally want to hurt his wife (whom most neglect to mention) of 20 years, and relatives claim that she is willing to “make the marriage work”, despite it all.


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